Dutch Design 101

Posted by jdg | Tuesday, August 30, 2005 | , ,

Metrodad recently sent out a call for designers to create a baby gate that isn't "inspired by preventive pet measures, county lock-ups and Gitmo."

Well, as Juniper teeters on the cusp of the crawling stage (at this point she is using her head to form a tripod for moving backward, let's call this the "scooching" stage) I put on my thinking cap and came up with a solution to keep her from chewing on all of our electrical cords, a solution that would not offend the aesthetics of the design aficionados who regularly visit and sip gin martinis while discussing Renzo Piano within the confines of our modest Edwardian apartment. I think my design is a rather delicate work that somewhat defies categorization, but on the surface it is reminiscent of the early work of Richard Tuttle, or perhaps more recent pieces by Steve DeGroodt. I experimented with various polyurethane polymers and even plywood before I settled on this material, commonly known as "cardboard." I also experimented with various geometric forms and shapes before I settled on this one, which some call a "box," but which is really more properly known as "hollow cardboard rectangular cube in brownTM (patent pending, all rights reserved). I decided to leave all but one side enclosed, allowing for the desired dual functions of both accessibility and confinement. The remaining side has "flaps" to allow for complete enclosure, for those days when the screeching of the infant interferes with your perusal of obscure German websites for that next pair of black, square-framed eyeglasses. Although not completely soundproof, my design effectively dulls incessant chatter and yowling up to 60 percent when the upper flaps are utilized.

This product is one-hundred percent biodegradable and made of purely recycled materials. In addition to the full sized version shown above, I have developed a smaller, portable version to take to Grandma's (as seen below). This product is being offered at the low, low price of $223 full-sized (24" x 36" x 30"), or $178 for the portable version (18" x 24" x 12"). Availability subject to how much shit I order on eBay the week you put your order in.