Thursday Morning Daycare Report

Posted by Wood | Thursday, October 27, 2005 |

From yesterday, verbatim:

Juniper likes to stand up in front of the shelf and pull out and down the toys, when she sees a toy that interest her, she would slowly sit down and play with that toy. I put, I rock Juniper to sleep and so I hum her to sleep and Juniper was talking and then later she hum too. So I stopped humming and then she look up at me.

I was playing w/one of her friends (tickling) and Juniper was watching and smiling and then Juniper crawled to me and put her face to my tummy.

Whenever Juniper is in the ball pit, she would hold up the ball with two hands and put it in front of her mouth and she would do the panting.

Juniper was about to crawled up the stairs to the ball pit and she stop and look at her friend and smile and also say something in baby language.