Thursday Morning Daycare Report

Posted by Wood | Thursday, November 10, 2005 |

My favorites from this week:

Juniper was standing in front of the mirror and she was looking at me in the mirror and I look at her and Juniper smile.

Many times I worry when she doesn't drink much milk.

Wood, you were right about Juniper going underneath things because she tried to go between my legs.

Juniper pick up one of the drumstick with her left hand and started to hit the drum and then Juniper looked at the drumstick and started to put it in her mouth, and then I called her name and she took it out and smile.

Juniper crawl to her friend and look at her friend knocking the toy and she tried to say something.

I was building a tower of big blocks and then Juniper was watching and she crawled to me and then she crawled to the tower and then knock them down, and look at me and smile.

Whenever someone near her cried and Juniper would watch them for a long time and it looks like Juniper wants to cry too.