The Last Thursday Morning Daycare Report

Posted by Wood | Thursday, December 22, 2005 |

[Juniper's last day of daycare is tomorrow. Thus, this is our last Thursday Morning Daycare Report. We're trying to come up with a new weekly feature to replace these snapshots of how Juniper spends her days in the words of her unintentionally poetic daycare provider. I could try noting down what she does all day and ask the Chinese guys who live in our basement to put it into their own English, but it just wouldn't be the same. If I don't come up with something quick, I think Dutch is going to start publishing juicy selections from his high school diaries on Thursday mornings. I need to nip that in the bud. He's got like ten thousand of them]

As always, verbatim:


Juniper still has some runny nose, it's green today.

I wonder why she wouldn't take her bottle today in the morning.

I was bouncing the ball and Juniper was looking at me, I said "Look at the ball, Juniper." Then she crawl to me and said "ball," and she would repeat it again later.

A lot of times she would hand me a toy but she wouldn't release her hand or sometimes she would pull back the toy. But when I fed her and if I open my mouth and Juniper would give me a Cheerios by putting it into my mouth.


Juniper has more running nose today, but it's not green.

Juniper was sitting and look at me walking out so she start to crawl and followed me, then later she crawled back in again and look at me sitting down so she crawled into the ball pit and throw out the ball one by one.


We have this new small bouncing ball and Juniper was looking at bouncing and I gave it to her and she did the same. She would throw the ball to me with her right hand.

When she threw the ball over the gate to the other classroom and she would cry.

Juniper was standing in front of the shelf, she was holding a cube toy on her left hand and hold on the shelf with her right hand. And then she released her right hand on the shelf for a few second and hold on to another side of the shelf again, and then she released her hand again and picked up a cloth book and put on top shelf without holding on.

Juniper was playing with the baby doll and she heard I start humming her friend to sleep and so she turned around and she look at me put her friend to sleep and so she turn to the baby doll and start patting on the baby's tummy. Later she hold the baby's head with both of her hands and she look at it face and kiss the baby's face with her mouth wide big.