Thursday Morning Daycare Report

Posted by Wood | Thursday, December 08, 2005 |

[as always, verbatim from the sheets we get from her provider]

After Juniper's bottle, we went outside for a walk on the buggie.* At first Juniper would cried when we put her down to sit on the buggie but later when we go out and Juniper was so happy, she was talking and laughing. At one point, I heard she said "Daddy."

Juniper went into the ball pit and used two hands to grab the big ball and throw it out and she watch the ball roll (throw 2 balls).

Juniper pull the baby doll out from the shelf and she used her pointing finger to feel the baby's mouth and eyes.

Recently, when Juniper is having her meal with her friend and she would turn to her friend and wave hi to him but she wouldn't say "Hi," she would try to say something.

Juniper crawled to the corner which is a place that has lots of pillows and once she got there, she turned around and lean backward and raise her left leg real high while she look at me and gave a big smile.

*Juniper is now now old enough to go out for rides around San Francisco with her friends on this modified wagon with eight seats in it that her provider pulls down the sidewalk.