[graffiti at 3rd Avenue and Clement Street]

There's a sort of conventional wisdom that the first question someone asks when they meet you differs greatly depending on where you live. In cities like Washington D.C. and New York people ask, "What do you do?" In Boston they ask, "Where did you go to school?" (meaning college), and in cities like Pittsburgh (or anywhere that people tend to stick around) they ask, "Where did you go to school?" (meaning high school). In San Francisco, where so few people actually grew up and status is not determined by your job or education as much as it is by how cool you project yourself to be, the first question someone asks is usually, "What neighborhood do you live in?" If you're talking to a hipster and you don't live in the Mission or the Tenderloin, you really feel the need to apologize to them. If you are talking to someone who lives in Russian Hill, they might stare at you blankly when you say you live in the Inner Sunset, and then they say something smug like, "I never go west of Fillmore." While the neighborhood apartheid can be a bit aggravating when under a hipster's scrutiny (our neighborhood is not the coolest), the unique culture of each neighborhood is one of my favorite things about San Francisco. Spending weekend days with Wood and Juniper exploring a different neighborhood is one of the things that I will miss most about this city.

So with twenty weekends left, Wood, Juniper and I are going to spend some time saying goodbye to our favorite places. And making fun of them through photography. Every week we're going to post a flickr set of pictures from our weekend adventures.

This week our neighborhood: Clement Street, in the Inner Richmond. To visit the flickr set, click here.

[with format credit to byrne unit's briantologist, whose flickr expeditions are legendary]