Things have been pretty serious and downright gloomy around here lately, so I thought I'd lighten things up a bit with another free mix of music. This is a mix that I made for my friends a couple years ago where all the songs feature handclaps.

Because you can't feel all that serious and gloomy when someone is clapping their hands.

Click here for more than an hour's worth of songs with handclaps


1. ACDC: Rock & Roll Damnation
2. The Stooges: No Fun
3. The Cars: Let's Go
4. Supergrass: Pumping on your Stereo
5. The Essex Green - The Late Great Cassiopeia
6. Sloan: The Lines You Amend
7. Georgia Sea Island Singers- Moses Don't Get Lost
8. Mirah- Of Pressure
9. Chris Montez- The More I See You
10. Belle and Sebastian: The Boy With the Arab Strap
11. Blondie: Sunday Girl
12. The Cure: Close to Me
13. Pas/Cal: I'd bet my life that you bet your life
14. Pinback: Penelope
15. Manitoba: Hendrix With Ko
16. The Kinks: Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
17. Big Star: When My Baby's Beside Me

Plus two recent songs I noticed with handclaps:

18. Brendan Benson: Alternative to Love
19. Spoon: They Never Got You

And the greatest use of handclaps ever:

20. Hall and Oates: Private Eyes

Wood grew up in a small western Michigan town called Holland. To this day, you when you approach Holland from any direction if you squint you can see jokers in prairie garb wearing wooden shoes pulling celery out of the muck. Someday I'll write a proper post about this place, but it's so Dutch, her high school marching band wore wooden shoes. Their mascot was a Dutchboy [to see pictures of Wood as captain of the high school cheerleading squad when she wore the word Dutch on her underwear across her butt so people in the stands could read it while she tumbled, click here].

When she was a little girl, Hall and Oates performed a concert at the local college football stadium. Wood didn't realize it was Daryl Hall and John Oates, however. She thought it was a band called the "Holland Oats." I've always thought that was one of the cutest things ever.