Thursday Morning Wood (with an update)

Posted by Wood | Thursday, April 13, 2006 |

The cheap, undoubtedly made-in-China doll pictured in her hands above is Juniper's favorite toy. She loves this doll with such an intensity that I dare not leave the house without it, for if I do, two seconds after we lock the door and start strolling down the street, Juniper will look at me and softly say, "Addie?" while turning her palms up and raising her eyebrows. I'll respond that Addie is at home, and then the whisper will turn into a shout, and the question into a demand that she repeats until we turn around to retrieve the doll.

We bought this doll for Juniper while we were in Target a few months ago looking for Schleich animal figurines. While Dutch was examining a detailed baby chimpanzee to determine whether it was worth $2.25, Juniper spotted the dolls on the other side of the aisle and tried to pitch her tiny body out of Dutch's arms in a vain attempt to make contact with the dolls. Dutch noticed her interest, and handed her a doll, which she immediately began to cover with kisses. It was really adorable (and at $2.99, really affordable), so we bought it. She quickly became fixated with the doll, scorning all of her more creative, more expensive, and natural-fiber toys.

Juniper started calling this baby doll "Addie" when we were in Michigan last month and she met her 6 week old cousin Adeline. Yes, that's sweet. And it's very sweet when she puts Addie in her toy stroller or feeds her milk from her sippy cup while smacking her lips. But Addie's pajamas are starting to deteriorate, and while Juniper can hardly bring herself to say "Mama" more than once a day, we talk about Addie all the goddamn time. Frankly, I'm getting a little sick of this "Addie" myself. If she's not careful, she just might find herself in the hands of a hipster artist in the Mission to be used in his next "freaky dolls" art project. But I could never do that. It would break this child's heart. So we're just going to have to learn to live together in peace.

UPDATE: Even though Dutch's post last week didn't end up jinxing us (Juniper is still blissfully sleeping through the night), my post this morning did jinx poor little Addie. While we were walking through Golden Gate Park this afternoon with the cutest pregnant lady in San Francisco, Juniper must have tossed Addie from her stroller. I was too absorbed in conversation with posthipchick to notice until it was too late. Once we realized that Addie was missing, we retraced our steps carefully, but we couldn't find her anywhere. After we got home I sneakily retrieved New, Clean Addie from her hiding place under the changing table. I'd like to say that Juniper looked at me out of the corners of her eyes and rejected New Addie, but she didn't. She picked her up and played with her just like Old Addie. Turns out that 14 month olds aren't that hard to trick.

Juniper isn't mourning the loss of Old Addie, but I can't get stop picturing a pathetic, abandoned doll lying in the dark mud in Golden Gate Park. Poor Addie.