While Dutch may have resigned from his job two weeks ago, he's still working; yet this morning I somehow woke to find a laid off dad sleeping on my living room floor. Dutch is still here, too, even though he should have left for work an hour and a half ago. It's all very confusing.

For today's Thursday Morning Wood, I put together a mix of songs I've been enjoying this summer. Click here if you want to hear it as a mix, or click on the individual songs to download each mp3.

1. kinsbury manx- pelz komet
2. jolie holland- crush in the ghetto
3. the essex green- don't know why you stay
4. chad van gaalen- graveyard
5. lambchop- you masculine you
6. band of horses- funeral
7. belle & sebastian- sleep the clock around
8. the mendoza line- mysterious in black
9. ill lit- los angeles
10. knife in the water- I sent you up
11. calexico- letter to a bowie knife
12. m. ward - to go home
13. camera obscura - country mile