The blue jumper

Posted by jdg | Wednesday, April 04, 2007 | , , ,

Juniper still has no opinion of her own when it comes to clothes. She is content to let me dress her however I want to. Is there any wonder why I love her so? She sits in the crook of one arm at the thrift store without complaint while my other arm brushes through rack after rack of well-worn licensed character kid's clothes, searching for early 1980s flammable footie pajamas and vintage sailor dresses. My greatest find of all time is perhaps the 1979 blue-and-yellow jumper, discovered in the Chico, California Salvation Army for 99 cents. My mother has pictures of me wearing a similar get-up at her age. And can I even put into words how much pleasure this little scrap of well-sewn polyester has brought me? In this jumper, Juniper has recited Shakespeare, contemplated modern art, and seen a stranger's sweaty penis. When I came across it in the closet last weekend, I decided there was enough potential for adventure in the coming hours to warrant another wearing of the jumper (or as Juniper calls it, her "jumpersuit").

But I found she was stretching the fabric just to fit her in it, even using the second (and last) button on the straps. She still didn't mind the style--- I have at least ten years before she hates me for dressing her like this, I think. But she didn't like how tight it was. It seems despite all other evidence to the contrary, this tiny little girl is growing.

"We'd better have another one soon," Wood said to me, "Just to have someone around you can dress in that jumper."

She may have found a chink in my armor.

[A while back I had written to the women who run Babylegs (who have also kindly bought advertising on this site in the past) to see if they had any more of the babylegs Juniper usually wears with the jumper---ours were devoured by the washing machine. They responded that unfortunately they no longer carried that style; but a few days ago, the UPS guy brought a box full of them. I now have far more than I could possibly need, so I would love to give them away to some folks who might like them. If you'd like one, leave a comment on this post indicating such (and include your e-mail). I'll choose five winners randomly]

[*update* because of the response I'll throw a few more pairs of babylegs into the pot; after I post the street urchin on Friday I will choose the winners completely randomly.]