Auf Wiedersehen, Kindermullet*

Posted by jdg | Friday, June 19, 2009 |

"The time has come. It has to go."
"What? No."
"Another old lady called him a girl today."
"Was he wearing the shirt with flames? No one ever confuses him for a girl when he's wearing the shirt with flames."
"He was all in blue."
"But I haven't taken him to the demolition derby yet. And I wanted to take him huntin'."
". . ."
"But it's county fair season!"
". . ."
"Hey, I let you talk me out of naming him Travis."
"Just because your mother never let you grow one when you were a kid doesn't mean you can treat our son like a redneck doll."
"How 'bout a rat tail?"
". . ."
"A rat tail would look so great in the beer mirror I'm going to win for him this summer by knocking down those milk bottles at the fair."
"Please, like you've ever knocked down those bottles."

* * * * *
For the results, see today's photo.

*thanks to Erin for the term "Kindermullet."