Annoucing the Shutterfly Contest Winners

Posted by jdg | Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas for do-it-yourself children's books and entering the contest for twelve free Shutterfly photo books.

The eleven winners chosen at random from 340 entrants were as follows:

1. Annie: "I think I just fell in love with you; what a fantastic idea. A couple ideas that would be popular in our family (we've got three boys) are architectural stylings for homes (Italianate Victorian, Tudor...) or wilderness survival/camping themes." 07.21.09 - 12:12 pm.

2. Rachel: "While I love the idea of creating a book about various flora and fauna in our Southern region, I have a feeling my five boys would most enjoy an abcedary about WEAPONS!" 07.21.09 - 2:21 pm.

3. Emily: "My partner and I want to put together a book for our kids called A is for Aye, E is for Ewe, with words like djinn and gnu. He is also writing a chemistry one about Henry Hydrogen. There are tons of biology books for very young kids, but hardly any physics or chemistry."

4. Tracy: "I would love to make a counting book for my youngest. My oldest is wanting a book of all my "recipes" in which I cook by adding a little of this and some of that."

5. SarahThe: " My dad passed along to me the ability to identify the make-model-and-year of most 50s, 60s and 70s American Muscle Cars (and non-muscle vehicles as well, actually). It still baffles my husband that I can talk shop with his dad, mano-a-mano."

6. Jen: "I've had the idea to make a keepsake book of one of our many day trips into NYC, from train ride to subway to our walks around the streets. I've even taken the photos, just never gotten them in a book! My daughter is now 7 and would be able to help me design and write it, it's be a fun summer project for us!"

7. Kate: "My daughter (2.5 yr old) loves going to church, Catholic Mass, in fact. I was raised Catholic, but now I consider myself an atheist Catholic (ie we got our second daughter baptised and go to church occasionally but husband and I don't believe a word of it.) Anyway, not sure why she likes church that much, but there's probably 10 different Catholic churches in the area and she'd LOVE to have a book with all their pictures and names. right now she just calls them: "our church" "Grandma and Grandpa's church" or "We go at that church one time!"" 07.23.09 - 7:20 pm.

8. Jamie: " Great photos and great idea! I have always loved the creepy beauty of pen/pencil drawings of plants. While not technically photos, I could see myself pulling together some great drawings to turn into an alphabet book." 07.21.09 - 1:07 pm

9. Melissa R: "I'd love to do a book for my daughter on the Norse gods (her name being Freya and all) and maybe my own Ernst style Une Semaine de Bonté/Dick and Jane mashup."

10. James: "I'd love to make an alphabet book of great children's books. Or just one of offbeat literary characters--Q is for Queequeg--or experimental authors--S is for Sterne, P is for Pynchon, C is for Cortazar . . ."

11. Emily B: "I'd make a kids' book about different furniture styles and eras, so that we can walk around flea markets pricing stuff with each other, then comparing it to the selling price and snickering like my father and I did when I was a child."

And I know it supposed to be completely random, but I exercised by absolute authority and gave the final code to Liz, whose entrant was "a book out of the 30 + images from my husband's participation in this year's Moustache May. He hopes to instill in our son the value of lip hair, and to eradicate the stigma of 70's porn and pedophilia." It broke my heart to think that book might not get made.

Congratulations everyone!