2011: a year of costumes

Posted by jdg | Friday, December 30, 2011 |

I put a few of our favorite pictures from 2011 in a slideshow; most never appeared on this site. When I see all the fun stuff we did this year all chronological like that, I feel less bad about all the arguing and frustration that also went on between this dad and his six and three year old kids. Because trust me: there was plenty of that too.

The song is "We Don't Need Much," from the excellent self-titled album by Durham/Chapel Hill's Mount Moriah (one of our favorites in 2011). The song is used with permission (thanks Heather!). Be sure to check out this video for the song "Lament" and see the band live if they come to your town (they'll be in Detroit on February 8, 2012).

Thanks for reading in 2011.