Posted by jdg | Tuesday, July 15, 2008 | ,

We're not going to BlogHer 2008. As tempting as it would have been to rent out the Fatty Arbuckle suite at the St. Francis and throw a raucous party with plenty of champagne bottles, the chances of it ruining my blogging career would have been too great. Don't rupture any bladders without us, girls.

I think the very idea of traveling with these two kids to a city where I used to enjoy unfettered childlessness was too much to even consider. I can't imagine going there with them until they're old enough to be bored while I drag them around town saying, ". . .and this is where daddy saw his first drag show." I think it's great that the event is being held at a historic hotel in the heart of San Francisco. For those attending who hope to get out of Union Square (and I do recommend getting out of Union Square), I wrote up a top nine list of our favorite things to do in San Francisco right before we left two years ago [number ten? walk around our old neighborhood]. I'm sure some things on there have changed, although Clement Street undoubtedly still smells like fish guts and dried-Chinese fungi. But if you're headed there this weekend or anytime in the future, nothing could make me happier than internet strangers seeing any of these parts of that beautiful old city. Well, I suppose I would be happier if it was me seeing them again. Without two kids.