Sweet Juniper! is a blog. We are just two more yuppies raising their kids in the most dangerous city in America.

Jim does most of the writing. He's the dad. He used to go by a pseudonym because he was embarrassed about being a blogger. Now he's so far gone he doesn't care anymore. Wood is the mom. She still cares about her real career, and now only contributes to share her craft projects. They initially chose the pseudonyms "Dutch" and "Wood" because they sounded like Victorian street urchin names. Why Dutch and Wood? Why not Skinny, Whitey, Slobbery Jack, Yaller, O'Hanlon the Great, Round Hearts, the Wandering Jew, Fat Jack, Dodge-me John, Red, Tickle-my-Foot, Ringworm Louie, the One-Eyed Goat, Cranky Jim, Know-nothing Mike, Mickey Mud, Paddy Stink, Garibaldi, Pulaski, Snoddy, little Pee Wee, The Snitch, Bumlets, Rusty Potatoes, the King of Crapshooters, the King of Bums, Snipe Shooter, Hoppy, Smokey, Pie-eater, Skittery, Bag of Bones, Jake the Oyster or One Lung Pete? They don't have a good answer to that excellent question.

Juniper was born in January 2005 in San Francisco. Gram was born in February 2008, in Detroit.

Wood is a redheaded lawyer.

Jim used to be a lawyer, too, but now he's a Gentleman of Elegant Leisure. Seriously, that's what his business card says:

Wendell is the well-behaved German Shorthaired Pointer they found by some miracle at the pound.

Onward to Sweet Juniper