Posted by jdg | Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Driving home after spending a few days in Cincinnati (I have been struggling to write a worthy post about walking around that beautiful city) we speculate about whether the old refrigerator will be cold again when we get home. We have been too lazy to buy a new one since it stopped serving its primary purpose nearly a month ago.

W. "There wasn't any cheese in it when we left, was there?"

J. "No, but that quart of milk will probably have turned into cheese over the weekend."

W. "Do you think they sell refrigerators on the internet?"

J. "I really don't want to drive out to the suburbs to buy another appliance from a guy with a combover and a clip-on tie. Maybe if we join Amazon Prime we can get next-day free shipping."

* * * * *

W. "The sign on that bank over there says it's 41 degrees outside. That's exactly how cold the refrigerator is supposed to be."

J. "Before we left, the meat thermometer I stuck in there said 54 degrees."

W. "If it's not cold again when we get back, let's just keep all our food in a box on the back porch."

J. "What about the squirrels?"

W. "We could get a lock for the box. Or hang it up in a tree like when you go camping in bear country."

J. "What will we do once it gets below freezing?"

W. "Maybe the fridge will fix itself by then."