Posted by jdg | Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hey folks. I haven't had anything interesting to share for a few days and I've spent the last several evenings scanning some seriously weird children's books from the sixties/seventies instead of writing. I just wanted to note that even when I'm not writing entries for the middle column here I'm still posting a new photo every day, and writing posts about various things that inspire me every couple of days over there in the left-hand column. I love these posts because they're a chance to be a little more casual than I usually am in all the serious regular posts about gloom and doom and childherding. My wife is also writing about some of her craft projects (this week: Easter outfits for the kids). Since we added these features about eight months ago, I've received a number of e-mails complaining that the new posts in the left column don't appear in feed readers. So I finally figured out a way to blend the RSS feeds for all of the content on this website. If you're interested, you can switch the feed in your reader to the new one (RSS or Atom).

If not, I should have a new terrifying Nixon-era children's book up shortly.