Thursday Morning Daycare Report

Posted by Wood | Thursday, November 17, 2005 |

From this week's reports. As always, verbatim:

Juniper was holding an icy chewing toy and she put it in her mouth and hold on to it with her mouth and crawl to the mirror and look at herself and she takes the icy out to hold it and she hit the mirror with the other hand while she talk.

Juniper was eating breakfast and she dropped one cheerios on the apron and Juniper grab the apron that holds the cheerios and put the cheerio in her mouth.

Juniper has a lot of runny nose today.

Juniper went outside after her breakfast and awhile later Juniper look inside and saw me and she would cry so she came back in to have bottle and nap.

I just come in and look at the pictures of mom and dad w/Juniper and point to the pictures and say, "Mommy, Daddy" and Juniper look at the entrance. Later I did the same thing again and I thought I heard Juniper say in a very low voice "Daddy."