The Holiday Sex-Cabin Diary

Posted by jdg | Tuesday, January 03, 2006 | ,

When we arrived at our little cabin in the woods, we found a leather-bound journal on the table that had notes and anecdotes left by previous guests who’d stayed in Cabin 7. Wood and I read over the book together while Juniper played with her box of toys on the floor. Soon we were wondering if our little cabin in the woods wasn’t some kind of stop on an international sex tour. I felt like we were reading a backwoods edition of Penthouse Forum. Nearly every entry seemed to have some reference or allusion to the sex that was had on (or around) the bed we were going to be sleeping in:

"This was my partner’s 38th birthday. We loved hiking and climbing all around the river. We stayed for two days and discovered a recipe for success in the cabin:

1st step: Use the Jacuzzi tub.

2nd: Start the fire

3rd: Fall into bed and fall in love with that person in your life all over again."

----Glenn & David, San Francisco (September 12, 2005)

"Make sure you close the curtains! The folks in the neighboring cabin put on quite a show, but it put my fiancée and I in the mood to put on private a show of our own!"

----Ann & Jason, Nottingham, England, October 4, 2005

"We were looking for a few days respite from work and children to talk and plan and just be together, if you know what we mean (wink, wink). And we found it here in Cabin #7! The cabin was so cozy and romantic with the fire and the snow outside. It was perfect!"

----Bob & Lillie, Chico, California, October 22-24, 2005

The fire was just what we needed to rekindle our romance. We look forward to visiting again!

----Jennifer & Don, Davis, California, November 28, 2005

Then, in VERY feminine handwriting:

We were very sad to see it snowless! It has rained every day of our visit! Fortunately we love spending our time together and this gave us a much-needed getaway. Just us, no kids, no phone, no T.V. We actually talked to each other, among other things ;)

----Patty and John, Carmichael, California (Friday, Dec. 30th)

That last one was the day before we checked in. She actually drew the winking emoticon. We get it Patty, you and John did it in the cabin the day before we got there. Whoop-dee-doo. Still, there was something in the air up there. Even the snowmen were siring offspring:

When it came time to leave our message in the book, rather than pussyfooting around like everyone else, we crafted our entry completely honestly as follows:

Great cabin for sex! We enjoyed ourselves sexually a great deal in this cabin! Sex! The lack of television meant all we could do to pass the time was have sex! We had sex on the bed, on the floor, in the loft, in the jacuzzi, bare-assed up against the cast-iron stove (ouch!), on the bed again (that blue duvet was so comfy---after sex!). Good thing we brought the cozy cuffs and all the edible underwear. There's nothing like watching the snow fall and playing strip scrabble to set the mood for our bondage play. We did forget the whips, but thank goodness we had our tire chains! And our leather-clad midget gimp (Troy) was really comfortable sleeping in the wicker trunk at the foot of the bed! All three of us really enjoyed rekindling our romance all over Cabin 7 with lots of sex! We just hope they never have to call the Tahoe CSI team into Cabin 7, because they sure would have a tough time sorting through all the fluids we left all over the linens and floorboards! Thanks for providing such a wonderful place to have lots of sex!

----Dutch and Wood, San Francisco (Dec. 31--January 3)