Who needs pinsetting machines at the bowling alley when you an pay urchins 2 cents an hour to set the pins for you?

We are in Detroit, we have keys to our new home, and Wood and I are just overwhelmed with how beautiful the area is where we are living, and how cool it is to have an entire house to ourselves. There have been these two monarch butterflies floating around outside our front door since we moved in. We have to wait a few days for a real internet connection though, so I am writing this not from our home but from the middle of a vacant lot, the only place I could pick up an unsecured wireless connection. Picture that: a white guy standing in the middle of a vacant lot in downtown Detroit typing on a laptop. Consider that image a symbolic middle finger to all the people who said we were crazy to move here.

We don't have any furniture yet, but we still somehow managed to entertainment two old friends last night until after midnight, opening three of our best bottles of wine to celebrate the occasion. Then they rode home on their bikes. We spent part of the afternoon visiting other friends in Dearborn, and we stopped at the Target there for dishwasher soap and laundry detergent to celebrate our ownership of such appliances for the first time in our lives. I have been running the garbage disposal just for fun. I have never had one of those either.

Oh, and we live less than 50 feet from a playground. The only bad part of living less than 50 feet from a playground is that Juniper won't shut up about going to the "wees." And when seven o'clock in the morning rolls around and you've got a bitch of a hangover, and she knows there's a playground less than 50 feet away, do you think she's going to let us sleep in on our first morning in our new house?

We are setting bad precedent. She had already been to the playground at least 15 times. I guess all I need to do is set up a wireless connection that reaches the playground.