It's pretty pathetic that the only post between street urchins this week was one measly Christmas roundup that I conjured from the bowels of uninspired desperation. Snooping through my urchin collection this morning I came across these guys, and had to post them. I love the dreamy look on the guy on the left's face, and the way he and his friend frame the cozy fellows behind them.

Wood has had half days all week like a kindergartner, so that cut into her prime writing time. On Wednesday night I rattled off all the funny things she could have written about her family over the holidays, like the time her mom ripped a loud one and Juniper totally called her out on it ("Grandma fah-ted!") but Wood looked at me with disgust and said, "Christmas is so last week." I had already written about the time we celebrated New Year's in a Chinese brothel. Plus last night Wood's mom was in town so we called up Melissa and Logan and we all went out to the bars, thus destroying any chance I had to cross my own threshold last night without stumbling like a vaudeville drunk, let alone get anything written.

It must seem, for those who read a parent's blog for enough time, that one can almost watch that blogger's child grow up. In our case, any readers who've stayed with us have seen Juniper go from an adorable little squirming shitbag on whom we projected all kinds of behavior to a talking, whiny toddler that we like to think is potty trained until she pisses on something important. I assume also, that any of you who read this site and Suburban Bliss have watched while a real friendship has grown out of the weird circumstances of the internets. We really love those guys in real life. They are so much fun, and only awkward when Logan drinks Irish whiskey and creates suggestive Venn diagrams on cocktail napkins. Even though we are different from those two (suburban/urban; metrosexual/hairy), we get along great. Last night Logan was going off on one of his diatribes, this time about how much he loves jazz. I had to tell him the truth: I fucking hate jazz. Wood concurred. He looked so wounded, and I said to him, "It's okay Logan, I like hanging out with people who have totally different tastes from me. In fact, I prefer it. I hate hanging out with people with the exact same taste as me." Logan looked at me and said, "Yeah, well, I hate hanging out with people who have the exact same taste as you, too."

So on that note, later today Wood and I will be posting our favorite albums of 2006, with representative MP3s from each album.