Alphabet Book Update

Posted by jdg | Friday, February 02, 2007 | ,

If anyone really wants a hard copy of the alphabet book I posted about the other day, I've added the images to a lulu book that will be printed and bound on a made-to-order basis for $8.73. That is pure cost---I am not making a red cent from this, and I am only doing it because so many people expressed an interest in owning a copy. I have no experience with lulu or any idea about how good of a job they do. I think there is also a $1.91 media mail shipping charge on top of the manufacturing cost. If anyone knows of a cheaper way to do this where a third-party handles everything and I don't have to make or mail anything, please let me know. Click here or on the image below to order a copy.

I have two other similar books about half finished, and I should be posting them both in the next couple of months. And now I have ideas for about ten more. Thanks for all the positive feedback.

Wood's in trial, so her post this week is delayed. Have a good weekend.

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