If you look closely, it appears the young gentleman on the right has stuffed a hot dog in his mouth to pose for the picture.

I have spent the last several days regretting that I started this weekly street urchin thing. Restoring our archives one post at a time, I started to really hate the year and a half worth of weekly urchins. But it's not their fault.

The upgrade to the new blogger has been anything but painless; it has been a lot of work that has prevented me from writing a decent post this week, but it does seem to have two major benefits: (1) we are now able to use a proper domain name for the site, http://www.sweet-juniper.com; (2) we have now entered the 21st century of blogging, which means we can organize our posts into categories. Having gone through the archives, I am proud to say there is a fair bit of decent stuff there. One of the things I hate most about blogging is that it sometimes it seems like you're only as good as your last five posts. What these categories will do is allow anyone who enjoys a particular kind of post to find other ones like it that we have already written. Everyone who thinks I'm a pompous blow hard but loves my wife can click on the label Thursday Morning Wood and get rid of my ass altogether. Someone who only wants to read about her boobs can click on the boobs label. Her earliest weekly posts are here, where she transcribed the funniest notes we received from Juniper's day care provider. For quick access to all our music mixes, there is the Sweet Juniper Tunes label. For all of my photoshopped children's books, click on Sweet Juniper Media. Despite the pain it's been to manually re-post all of these entries, I think in the future these features will be nice. When I write something sentimental, I can slap a sentimental or precious label on it, and then you can go suffocate yourselves on sugar-coated wistfulness in a land of gum-drop trees down lollipop lane. Or if you want to be overwhelmed by the charm and pluck of a thousand adorable street urchins, just click on the Friday Morning Street Urchin Blogging label.

My next chore is to restore the comments. They mean too much to me to leave on haloscan's servers. I realized how much of a community this has become for us, and how much your comments add to our silly little thoughts.

Thank you for your continued patience with this.