Thursday Morning Wood

Posted by jdg | Thursday, January 25, 2007 |

I went out for a couple of beers last night with a friend. As we settled into our first beer, I told her that I had two pieces of good news: (1) my stepfather's first round of chemotherapy went as well as it possibly could, eradicating all of the leukemic cells in his bone marrow; and (2) Juniper pooped in the potty!

That second bit I said just like that, except that the single exclamation point at the end might not accurately convey how enthusiastically I said it. This might be one of those rare occasions where two or three exclamation points are necessary to show just how much glee was in my voice. And I usually hate exclamation points.

Luckily, my friend is also a mom, so she responded with the perfect amount of excitement, and didn't even glance over her shoulder to see if any of the hipsters at the bar heard me use the word "potty" followed by exclamation points.

Unfortunately, we're all sick. Here's a video Dutch shot the other day while confined to the house due to the freezing weather and the cold that Juniper must have picked up at playgroup. Although Juniper is wearing her pajamas, I'm pretty sure it was late afternoon. Also, you'll notice that she calls herself "Minnie," which as far as we can tell, is a combination of "me" and "Juney." We often call her that, too.

I'm sending this video to my parents in the hospital to give them even more reason to smile today, and since I have no doubt that all of your thoughts, prayers and good wishes had a part in bringing the score to Doug: 1, Leukemia: 0, I'd like thank everyone who commented or sent us kind words. Anyway, here's Juniper reciting her version of the alphabet:

The alphabet magnets she is pointing at on the fridge are these ones, available at Mahar Dry Goods. Please forgive that bubble of snot that flares up at the end.

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