Dutch: I forgot to bid on that lamp on eBay for you.

Wood: It's okay. We'll find another one.

Dutch: I just don't know if I can figure out how to wire something like that without hiring an electrician.

Wood: What do you mean? What's so hard about it?

Dutch: There are wires from the wall that will need to hook up to wires in the lamp. I don't know if I can do that.

Wood: Electrical tape. That's all you need.

Dutch: I'm listening.

Wood: My dad taped wires together all the time when I was a kid. With electrical tape.

Dutch: Sounds pretty dangerous.

Wood: Electrical tape and wires are some of my strongest memories of childhood with my dad. He was always stringing some kind of wires together.

Dutch: Like how he had household stereo speakers in his Suzuki Swift when you and I started dating?

Wood: Yes, exactly. Oh, and no memory of being a kid with my dad is complete without fuzz busters and CBs. Oh, and fuses too. We were always blowing fuses in the car and searching around on the floor to replace them. And there was that one summer where we drove around to all the junkyards in western Pennsylvania searching for a replacement clutch for his Yugo. And then there was that one time we got stuck in a terrible rainstorm and the Renault's windshield wipers didn't work so we hid under a highway overpass so he could tie a shoelace to his wiper and pull it manually through a crack in his window.

Dutch: Dear God woman, now I understand how you can be so patient with me.