We're on vacation in southern Indiana. We've been having a lot of fun. The lodge where we've been staying was supposed to have wifi but apparently, "Nah, it broke" and they "thought [they] ordered the part to fix it last week but it hasn't come yet." I'm pretty sure they think the internet works kind of like the fuel injection system of a 1993 Toyota Tercel.

We were thinking about making another trip to New York instead, but the only thing we really wanted to do there was see friends, and we figured this should be a real "family" vacation, you know, where we get really annoyed with each other and eat lots of bad food. Besides, New York costs $12 every ten minutes. In southern Indiana, that's a whole lot of fried biscuits and apple butter. I really do love Indiana. The people here are amazing and there's actually a lot to see and do. And when you live in Detroit, southern Indiana might as well be San Tropez. "Look at all the people walking!" we shout at each other excitedly. "Why aren't any of these buildings broken?" Juniper asks.

So I'll bid adieu from downtown Bloomington, Indiana, where I'm scamming from a hotspot and typing on the roof of our compact sedan in a parking garage while the kids sleep (miraculously) in their car seats. We're heading home soon, so fret not if you're anxiously awaiting my take on my daughter's newfound obsession with toejam. I'm sure you've been fine without it for a few days.