Posted by jdg | Monday, August 04, 2008 |

"One of my first memories is taking a nap on a waterbed at a babysitter's house."

"What ever happened to waterbeds? Does anyone still have a waterbed?"

"There was a skylight in the room and a man up on the roof fixing it. He kept making scary faces at me. It was very traumatic."

"Maybe we should get a waterbed."

"They smell like hairy shower curtains."

"Most of my earliest memories are of visiting my dad after the divorce. I guess those memories stick out more than all the normal days I spent with my mom."

"All I really remember are small traumas or separations. Like how after a night of good sleep, you only recall details from the one nightmare."

"It hardly seems fair."

"Fair? If you're talking about parenthood, I don't think fairness ever really gets to be a part of the equation."