Posted by jdg | Tuesday, March 03, 2009 | , ,

Our compact car has been feeling a little small. Every time I do something the kid doesn't like (such as drive past a McDonalds playscape) she can totally wrap her legs around my neck and start choking me from her carseat. Pretty soon the pruno distillery in the backseat will be brewing its odiferous sludge again as the various victuals and foodstuffs hidden within the depths of their carseats thaw with the coming spring. We're starting to think maybe we need to light this one on fire somewhere and just find a new car.

Naturally, many families our size consider the purchase of a minivan, despite the fact that there is no surer sign of lameness other than, perhaps, pleated khakis. I never would have believed there could be such a thing as an awesome minivan, but the other day we were driving home from a wholesome family outing when we actually found a minivan for sale that we could all agree on:

Wood: Think of all the space!

Juniper: It has a pink stripe!

Me: We could drive over ANYTHING!

Gram: As long as it's all mine when I turn sixteen!

I can't imagine a cooler way to escape Detroit with a family when the coming apocalypse hits. I am totally calling the number on the 'for sale' sign.