We've been at a cabin my mother-in-law rented on Lake Michigan all week. I've really been enjoying everyone's stories about the people and places that led them to the music they love. I am reminded of the mixtape my first girlfriend made for me, the tapes I went out and bought after hearing them played for the first time at camp, and the hours I spent in the record stores of my hometown trying to gauge what the employees thought was cool (except for that reggae guy).

There's a few more hours to enter the contest for the free Slotradio, I'll announce the random winner with an update to this post in the afternoon.

* * * * *Winner: Scott, 08.12.09 - 7:17 am ("But, now and then, if you take a more adventurous slant and flip the dial, click on an unfamiliar music blog link, or even just ask a friend what they're listening to these days, you can find a gem or two amongst an unfamiliar landscape of jazz, country, or even opera.") Congratulations Scott!