Posted by jdg | Wednesday, September 16, 2009 |

"Why do you always change the car radio to that soft rock channel? It's like a game of Buffett Roulette."

"Sorry, baby. Did you accidentally listen to half of The Pina Colada Song before you realized it wasn't NPR?"

"No. For some reason they were playing She's Like the Wind on repeat."

"Patrick Swayze died. You need to get on twitter."

"Did they take a break from Kanye Outrage to mourn Swayze?"

"For a few minutes yesterday."

"Man, I hope Whoopi Goldberg can still help Swayze stop that remake of Red Dawn."

"That's not cool."

"Please, how many of these so-called mourners can say they have both Black Dog and Steel Dawn on DVD?

"He died so young. Think of all the movies he'll never make."

"True. But we should take a moment to be thankful that Kurt Russell is still with us."