For months we'd heard rumors of a white, winged horse galloping in the winds above Detroit, but only recently did we spy her ourselves.

We followed a trail of tiny, floating feathers and found her in an ancient temple high up in the mountains, where we also met her friend: a fierce and mighty Griffin cub (chick? chub?), guarding his cache of golden chocolate coins.

When we arrived at the temple, we saw the noble Pegasus standing between two magnificent columns. Surprised, she reared up on her hind legs, flapped her wings and whinnied at her visitors.

Although she could not speak, the winged foal nuzzled us and showed us towards a nearby cave high in the Hyperborean mountains, where we found the elusive Griffin (french: Griffon; dutch: Griffioen) who scurried to protect his gold and told us to go away.

We offered him some candy. The Aberdeen bestiary and extant manuscripts of Bartholomaeus Anglicus advised this course of action, which proved most enlightening. The creature warily approached and pointed a razor-sharp claw towards my haversack, a gesture we interpreted as "more." I dared not face his wrath, and obliged.

He was kind of cute, when he came up close.

As with any mysterious, elusive creature, these two disappeared as quickly as they came. But with the promise of sugared treats this All Hallows' eve, we held out hope that they might return.

I put up a new Woodcraft post today to give more details about these 100 percent hand-made costumes. I know how show-offy that is, but these were A LOT of work and the satisfaction of our four neighbors who actually give out candy saying, "What a cute owl!" just isn't going to cut it. We want to add though that Halloween is the holiday we choose to put a lot of energy into; we couldn't cook a decent holiday meal if our lives depended on it. Before anyone lets our costuming exuberance make them feel guilty about any storebought costumes, let me remind you that the healthiest thing my son has consumed for the past month is a multigrain cracker (and he only ate half of it).