New Look

Posted by jdg | Wednesday, April 13, 2011

As you can see I've got a new header up there. I didn't draw it; Rachel Fannin from Hi Happy Panda did. A month or so ago I stumbled across her blog and started enjoying her stories and photos of her adventures with her two kids around New Orleans. I e-mailed to tell her how much I loved her blog (and her hand-drawn header), and when she said she planned to change it when her family moved back to Los Angeles, I hired her to draw one for me. I've been wanting something a little more whimsical and representative of our daily adventures here in Detroit and I knew after seeing Rachel's illustrations that she could pull off something this beautiful. My favorite parts? The sneaky fox:

And the dog wagon, flushing a couple pheasants:

Posting is a bit light this week. For some reason I've been leaving my camera at home lately and I've been working on getting some big plans off the ground that I won't be able to share here for a few weeks.

The vintage kids book I'm sharing today (Margaret Wise Brown's forgotten Three Little Animals) is pretty extraordinary and I hope you'll take a look.

Oh, and check out this story about my dad in the local paper.