Here Be Dragons

Posted by jdg | Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I started this project a few weeks back as a way to use up some smaller leather scraps I had sitting around. I twisted them into dragon's teeth, tendrils, and horns and designed the dragon mask so the kids could see through the mouth (the lower jaw can be adjusted up and down).

Of course, when I finished the red dragon head, they fought over it. So I just had to make another. I used slightly heavier scraps for the second head, and liked the improved horns and tendrils but not the overall appearance (the blue one is a little more stiff and less lifelike, I think). Everything on both masks is leather but the lizard and shark taxidermy eyes. According to my kids, the red dragon breathes fire and the blue one breathes ice. They like to play some complicated variation of freeze tag/capture the flag that involves hiding baby dragons and getting into lots of arguments.

Now my wife insists that whenever she walks into a room I announce her with a string of titles, including "Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Tolerator of Goofball Husbands and the Mother of Dragons."