2016 Sweet Juniper Holiday Card by Claire Bédué

Posted by jdg | Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays to you all out there. The Christmas holiday really crept up on us this year and we're busy sewing and hammering to get everything done in time. This year we are so happy to share the family portrait that French illustrator Claire Bédué created for our annual holiday card. Ice skating on the canals of Belle Isle is one of our favorite winter activities and Claire did an amazing job capturing it. Be sure to to visit her Tumblr (http://clairebedue.tumblr.com/) to see more of her work. Merry Christmas, etc. and happy New Year to all.

Past cards: 2015 (Yinfan Huang), 2014 (our daughter), 2013 (Phoebe Wahl), 2012 (Michael Burdick), 2011 (Heather Ross), 2010 (Yelena Bryksenkova), and 2009 (Samantha Wedelich).