Thursday Morning Daycare Report

Posted by Wood | Thursday, November 24, 2005 |

Juniper was eating lunch with her friend and then Juniper was looking at her friend clapping his hands and then Juniper smile and clapped her hands too.

Juniper picked up a cheerios on her table and I thought she was gonna give it to me but she took it back and put it in her mouth.

Juniper was holding a blue ball on her left hand and she knock the xylaphone with the ball while she tried to say something and then throw the ball and watch the ball roll and one of her friend came and took the xylaphone, Juniper raise out her hand to take it back but she couldn't and then she yell out softly, and she got it back she turn around with the xylaphone.

When I put her to sleep I was about to humming her to sleep and Juniper would vocalize right away.

I was changing Juniper's diaper and then Juniper was holding a toy with mirror on it and she hold it with two hands straight up in front of her face and she put the mirror closer to her face (it looks like as she's kissing herself). Then she take the mirror off her face and look at herself and she smile and tried to say something.