Thursday Morning Daycare Report

Posted by Wood | Thursday, December 01, 2005 |

Juniper picked up an egg shaker and put it in front of her mouth and take it out and say "Mah wah" (did it a few times) and then later she did the same thing with the ball.

Juniper was eating the book and she saw me looking at her across the room and I told her not to eat the book but she still chew on the book so I crawl to her and she quickly throw down the book and crawl away, so I picked it and read it and she crawled to me and took back the book and started to flip the pages.

Juniper was dragging the xylaphone down the stairs from the ball pit and somehow the stick that hit xylaphone got stuck so Juniper can't drag it any more so she pull the xylaphone and she couldn't take it out so she yell out loud for help.

Juniper is so interest in playing with the tubes today. When she sees her friend was playing and she would crawled over and pull it from her friend but she couldn't pull it and she was saying something to her friend and crawled away. So I went to get more tubes and one for Juniper and then Juniper smile and she follows me to do the same thing by saying or vocalizing into the tube.

When I put Juniper to sleep and I haven't start to sing or hum her to sleep yet but she started vocalized already.

I was changing Juniper's Diaper and then the children and teachers from other classroom finish singing and cheered "Hooray" and clap hands and then Juniper heard and she clapped her hands happily and say "Yeah" while clapping her hands. . .