So I have to admit I wasn't expecting 600+ entries in the contest. It's hard to believe that many people would want one of my photos---it's not like I was giving away $100 gift cards. It's really an honor and I want to thank everyone for saying such nice things and sharing their own sites.

I did add some extra prizes at some point but I'm still afraid a lot of people are going to be disappointed. The coolest new prize is this hat my wife made over the weekend. It's an exact replica of the hat that our wonderful friend Carissa Carman made for Juniper years ago (Gram is wearing it now). Juniper started wearing it when she was 9 months and stopped wearing it just a few months ago. It's one of our all-time favorite baby things and we hope someone else will enjoy this one as much as we've enjoyed ours.

The inside of the hat is lined in cashmere and the outside is made from an intense green Maharam textile fabric. Wood tried to make the colors gender-neutral. When you pull the drawstrings, the poofy-balled corners scrunch down. The scrunching effect means it can be worn by any kid from a 12-month-old with a big head to a 4-year-old with an incredibly small head.

I will announce the winners later today, after I figure out the best way to choose winners completely randomly. So good luck and stay tuned.