So this morning a certain little boy decided to drop the "springy thing that holds a toilet paper roll in the dispenser" into a flushing toilet. At least, that's how I heard my wife explaining it to the plumber she called to come fish it out. I am always uncomfortable around plumbers. When I get to the door they always look disappointed that I'm not the Horny Housewife they were hoping for and they always question me about what I do for a living. I'd like to say, "Look buddy, we both spend all day elbow deep in human feces. And yo, I've been sagging my pants since 1992. Where's the solidarity?" This afternoon, when I e-mailed the wife to tell her the damage, she moaned, "Man, it's like Gram flushed thirteen crisp ten-dollar bills down the toilet."

So I want to thank everyone who bought photos over the last few days. It could be said that because of you, we can now shit without fear of it coming back to haunt us. The plumber did look at me a little funny when I asked him if he accepts paypal.

I need to deliver good news to a few people who entered the contest. Winners were decided completely at random. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Prize #1: 11x14 "Everything is Going to be Alright" photo, 2/30 (matted to 16x20)

Kristin who entered "Everything is Going to be Alright" (3)

Liana (of "Pie and Beer") who entered 12.12.08 at 2:36 pm.

Jen (of "Americana") who entered 12.14.08 at 9:57 am.

Sadie who entered 12.13.08 at 5:21 pm.

Prize #5: Wood's Toddler Hat

Bethany (of "Your Little Squirrel") who entered .

Prize #6-7: Any print from the etsy store (2)

Dawn who entered .

Adrienne who entered .