During Ice Dancing Last Night

Posted by jdg | Tuesday, February 23, 2010 |

W: Look at those costumes! I thought that Will Farrell movie was a parody, not a documentary.
J: I think that pair represents Edhardystan's first medal contenders since ice dancing became an Olympic sport.
W. Ooh, I see a tramp stamp!
* * * * *
W: Italy is ice dancing to the theme song from Godfather, Part 2. Really, guys?
J. He does kind of look like Fredo.
W. Last night the Israelis ice danced to Hava Nagila.
J. I didn't know the Israelis hava ice rink.
W.  Yeah, where's the Disney movie about that?
* * * * *
J. How awesome would it be if the Americans ice danced to Mellencamp? I'm thinking R-O-C-K in the USA. . .in white wife-beaters.
W. I'm just really hoping the Russians ice dance to the theme song from Tetris.