Right now we're busy preparing the Thanksgiving meal at our house for the first time in years, and I just wanted to share this picture from this week's trip to Eastern Market, where we bought everything we needed for the holiday meal. The potatoes, parsnips, leeks, braising greens, fennel, and all the other herbs were grown here in Detroit. The sausage (pork, toasted pepitas, curried butternut squash, warm spices and cider reduction) is from Detroit's Porktown Sausage, the cheeses and cinnamon rolls are from Zingerman's of Ann Arbor, the bread is from Avalon, the chestnuts are from a local farm and the 19-lb turkey is from our friends at J&M Farm. All of this bought in a city without a single chain grocery store! Imagine that! I made a trip up to R Hirt Jr. yesterday for chicken stock, and who was in front of me in line but my neighbor and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Senator Carl Levin.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers. Remember there's only a few more days to enter and win a huge print of "Everything is Going to be Alright."